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Welcome to my new website some important facts to know are that this website does not have any spams pop-us no viruses. This is a website to just have fun and hang out. For new viewers please sign up and for viewers that have already seen this website just sign in to your right. 

This website is created by if you want to create your own for free go to Also for support and information go to also.

                                                The Important Stuff

Some things that you might want to look at is that to get or be able to post things on this site is to do it yourself on each media page you'd be able to add a media item and have friends use by ether the chat bar at the bottom or the email page and by email i mean just email on this website i don't mean like your friends on yahoo, xbox live, PlayStation Network, msn, hotmail etc..So have fun and if you have any friends that might like it feel free to tell them about it, also you can download our toolbar just click on our toolbar on the top right hand side.Updates may be slow do to buissness schedules.  

                                                 Things To Verify

This website is made by and signing up is free, this website is spy-ware free and is recommended for children 9 and older this website is on Bing and Google and on the page contact me you can email me to tell me update the website or if you have any problems you can contact me on the page/linkyou can not request an songs because the music player is a app not made by me and i may not have some games but ill try and see if i can get it. Also my toolbar is only available on Safari, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Also if there is a problem with uploading your old video(it keeps saying Video encoding) then contact me and ill delete it.                               Thank You

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